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dum dum duh DUH! savannah here, coming in from canada (which has lately been living up to its snowier/colder stereotypes.) i'm 16 and i've been writing for about six years and photoshopping it up for maybe four years now. i play guitar and sing, and music is definitely my life, sans being cheesy or cliche in any way. seriously, there's something wrong when i stop playing music for more than a few minutes. i like most kinds of music, except for rap, metal, hardcore rock, hip-hop, etc.
i hate following crowds and usually am not into things that are popular at the time. i can proudly say i'm everything uncool. i'm a writer and i'm in the middle of writing a novel which i plan on publishing sometime or other. i love drawing and photography as well -
i'm a diehard beatles fan, which pretty much sums up my personality. i can confidentally say that the other fans i've met are definitely some of the better, awesomest people i've met in life.
and steve coogan is the greatest thing known to man :) shia labeouf's pretty cool as well.
oh, and i'm a full-blooded anti-twilighter, and i hate how popular it's gotten and how you can't escape it anywhere! i really don't mind robert pattinson but am sick of seeing him on everything and don't find him attractive in any way, and kristen stewert can just die by now. stephenie meyers just writes badly, i've read the books, and it's a bad fanfiction. she's a teenager stuck in a middle-aged wannabe-vampire's body and i pity her children. take offense if you want to, twilighters - the world loves being offended anyway and it only furthers my point of how i would like to quit earth. sue me. plus i haet twilight. jsyk.
also, glitter is evil. and that's it, i think.
oh, please add me on msn or yahoo if you're interested in anything i am :) especially you anti-twilighters or cooganites or labeefers or beatlemaniacs - i know you're rare, but i really need some chatty pals :P
saveelee@hotmail.com //bananarama_sav@yahoo.ca
thank yehs! :)
(btw keith and the girl kicks ass - http://keithandthegirl.com)